Bundling Insurance Policies May Be The Right Choice For You

If you're thinking about bundling your home and auto insurance policies, getting quotes and policy specifics from more than one insurance company helps you make a more informed-decision. While you can usually save money by bundling your insurance policies, it helps to know how bundling may fit your needs and budget before you decide whether combining policies will benefit you. What Bundling Insurance Policies Offers When you need to buy more than one type of insurance, bundling your policies with the same insurer can often get you better rates and benefits than if you purchase separate policies from different insurance companies. Read More 

Insuring A Kit Car

You've just finished building your car by hand—piece by piece. As proud as you are to show off your work, you can't drive the vehicle around town just yet. You need to insure it first, but there are implications to consider, including what types of coverage to buy and how to keep the premiums for your unique auto affordable. Why Insurance for a Kit Car Costs More The premiums for a kit car generally are higher than for other vehicles. Read More 

How Auto Insurance Industries Are Making “Good Driver” Discounts Even Better

Many of the top auto insurance companies offer "good driver" or "safe driver" discounts. These discounts, while intended to encourage drivers to drive more carefully in order to save money, are often not on the forefront of drivers' minds. However, some auto insurance companies are looking to change that by making these discounts even better. Here is how. Extending the "Good Driver" Benefit to Recreational Vehicles Everything that has an engine and transports you from one location to the next has to be driven, right? Read More 

Questions About Filing Homeowner’s Insurance Claims Answered

When your home suffers extensive damage, having an insurance policy through a place like Hackett Valine & MacDonald Inc can be the only way to protect you against these expenses. However, if you have limited experience with filing these insurance claims, you may be unsure of what to expect from this process. For those that have never filed an insurance claim, having a few basic concerns addressed will make this process less confusing and intimidating. Read More 

Insurance Protection Tips For New Business Owners

If you're launching a new business, one of the things that you need to be attentive to is the importance of insurance protection for the business entity itself. This will include protection for your business, the products developed, and any liability incurred along the way. Here's what you need to know about this before you buy a policy. How Is Your Business Registered? In order to insure your company's financial interests, it must legitimately registered. Read More