Four Reasons Why An Online Insurance Quote May Turn Out To Be Inaccurate

Nowadays, it's easy to get a quick quote on a home insurance policy using the Internet. However, online home insurance quotes aren't always accurate. Understanding which factors often cause inaccuracies can help you to get the best possible quotes when you're shopping for policies on the web. The following are four of the most common causes of discrepancies between online quotes and quotes that are actually offered by insurance providers later upon further inquiry: Read More 

Understanding Medicare Supplement D For Prescription Drugs

Medical insurance can be confusing. When it comes to Medicare, there is no exception. You may have Medicare part A to cover you when you have to go to the hospital and part B to help pay for your doctor visits and such. If you need regular medications, you may have opted for part D, the prescription drug supplement. Things get even more confusing with part D. The amount you pay for your medications throughout the year will vary from a small co-pay to having to pay full price. Read More