Things That Can Make Or Break A New Coffee Shop

Maybe you've always dreamed about opening a coffee shop, and you've had ideas going for years about how you would run your shop to make customers happy. But since there are many things that must go right in the early days of your business, here are some ideas to review to ensure that you have a great debut.

Understanding Your Clientele

It's important to understand your ideal clients, because people go to coffee shops for many different (and sometimes conflicting) needs. For instance, one type of customer simply wants high quality coffee made quickly. These customers will value speedy lines and a way to get in and out quickly. You could consider having an app where they can place orders ahead of time.

Another type of customer wants to work in the coffee shop. These people will value a shop with plenty of tables, fast wifi service, and lots of outlets to plug in their computers. The food and beverage is almost a secondary benefit to these people, who may be work-from-home career people.

Another possible group is those who want a cool place to meet up with friends or simply enjoy the ambiance. In this group, your decor is key. Since you may not always be able to please all of these groups at once, it's important to identify which type of patrons you want to have from the start so that you can have everything they need ready on opening day.

Business Insurance

Your business insurance services are there to protect all of the work that you're doing in creating a great shop. Things can inevitably not go as planned once in awhile, but if you have excellent business insurance coverage, you should be able to stay on track and not have to pay for damages out of your pocket. For starters, general liability insurance is a good one to have to cover your bases. Add business interruption insurance on top of that; it will help you recover lost income in case you have to temporarily close your shop, such as due to a health inspection issue. Another one that's essential when you have many patrons in and out of your shop is property liability insurance. Finally, dealing with any kinds of food service opens you up to claims based on food allergies or food poisoning; in addition to your liability insurance, product insurance is a good idea.

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