How Auto Insurance Industries Are Making “Good Driver” Discounts Even Better

Many of the top auto insurance companies offer "good driver" or "safe driver" discounts. These discounts, while intended to encourage drivers to drive more carefully in order to save money, are often not on the forefront of drivers' minds. However, some auto insurance companies are looking to change that by making these discounts even better. Here is how.

Extending the "Good Driver" Benefit to Recreational Vehicles

Everything that has an engine and transports you from one location to the next has to be driven, right? Now, if you are the driver of an RV, an ATV, a UTV, a jet ski, and/or a snowmobile, auto insurance companies are extending that discount benefit to you regardless of which type of vehicle you are driving. You do have to be the one listed on the auto insurance policy, and you do have to be the one doing the driving to get this discount.

Encouraging the Safe Driving of All of Your Various Vehicles

By extending these good/safe driver discounts to all of the vehicles you drive, the insurance companies are hoping you will think more about safe driving all the time. They are also hoping that you will want to buy insurance coverage for these vehicles as well, since many of them will not extend this benefit unless the vehicles in question are also covered under insurance policies through the same company as your car/truck. It works out as a win-win for both you and the insurance company, especially if you are a very safe driver.

Sending You a Premium Refund Check

You pay hundreds of dollars a year for insurance when you are covering more than one vehicle and more than one type of vehicle. By driving safely on ALL of the vehicles on which you are listed as the primary operator, you may receive a premium refund check. This adds to the discounts you may already receive as a safe/good driver because it refunds a portion of your monthly premiums to you for your responsible and careful driving. The insurance companies that provide this benefit are attempting to reward you for putting safety first on your mind while you drive that car, truck, ATV, snowmobile, etc. If you are the type of person that needs an actual, physical incentive to drive this way and insure all of your vehicles, then this is a really good way for the insurance companies to do it.

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