Top 3 Ways To Get Auto Insurance Discounts

Do you have car insurance, but you feel like you're spending too much? Do you wish that you could have insurance without spending a fortune on it? In order for you to drive your car legally, you need to have an insurance policy. Unfortunately, insurance policies can seem expensive and almost out of reach for many people. If this sounds like you, you should know that there are probably a few ways to lower the rate that you're paying for auto insurance. A few things you may be able to get a discount for include:

Amount you drive: The more time you spend driving, the higher the chances are that you'll wind up getting into an accident. Because of this, some insurance companies will lower your rate if your home and your workplace are within a certain distance of each other or if you drive fewer than a certain number of miles for work. If you telecommute often or if you have a second vehicle that's only used on occasion, you may be able to get a much cheaper rate on your auto insurance than you're currently paying. Unfortunately, the only way you may be able to find out if this discount is actually available is by calling up your insurance company and asking; it's not always automatically given.

Switching insurance companies: If part of your frustration about your auto insurance rate is because the price keeps going up every year, even though you haven't been in an accident, you're not alone. Insurance companies will often offer you a low rate when you call, only to raise the cost every time you renew your policy. While the insurance company that you're using now may have been the most affordable when you first signed up, they may now be the highest cost for you. Before renewing any insurance policy, it's a good idea to check around with other companies first. It may turn out that you can save a significant amount of money this way.

Paying in advance: It's not uncommon for auto insurance companies to charge a "convenience fee" for allowing you to pay your bill monthly or for letting you make payments in a certain way. They may also offer substantial discounts for paying for multiple months in advance. While it may not be easy initially for you to pay for six months or a year of insurance at one time, by doing so you may be able to save the equivalent of one or more months of insurance payments.