Have An SR-22? Two Tips To Help You Get Affordable Car Insurance

If you have an SR-22, you may think that you're doomed to paying extremely high rates for your car insurance.  An SR-22 is a Certificate of Financial Responsibility.  It is typically imposed upon an individual who has been convicted of moving violations such as drunk or reckless driving.  However, even if you have an SR-22, there are things you can do to drive down the cost of your automobile insurance.  Use this information to learn two tips that can help you get more affordable car insurance coverage.

Take A Defensive Driver Course

One of the first things that you'll want to do is sign up for a defensive driver course.  This is a class that will teach you techniques which can help you avoid a collision.

The reason why a defensive driver course can help lower your insurance rates is because the safer you drive, the less risk you present to the insurance company.  If you learn how to drive defensively, you become a better motorist who may be able to keep accidents at bay.

In addition, when you have an SR-22, you want to show that you are responsible.  Although the certificate is about proving that you maintain liability coverage on your car, taking a defensive driver course can also be a way for you to show that you've seen the error of your previous ways and are ready to do whatever it takes to become a more responsible motorist.

There are a number of online schools that offer defensive driver courses in a virtual format, so you can take and pass the course from the comfort of your home.

Consider Getting A Different Vehicle

If you have a sports car, or another vehicle with excessive torque, you may want to consider getting a different vehicle.  Combining aggressive or intoxicated driving with a car that can hit excessive speeds is rarely a good combination, and your insurance rate will likely be excessively high.

Try trading in your car for a more moderate vehicle that has a good number of safety features.  Cars with things like anti-lock brakes, a rear camera, and sensors in the mirrors are a good bet and can help to drive down your insurance premium.

Getting affordable car insurance when you have an SR-22 doesn't have to be difficult if you know what to do.  Start using these tips right away so you can get the insurance you need without breaking the bank. Contact an insurance company like Great Northern Insurance Agency for more information.