How To Keep Your Auto Insurance Rates From Rising

Paying for auto insurance is one of those things you have to do every month, and you want to keep the costs as affordable as possible. While you may know many ways to decrease your rates, such as adding on another vehicle to your policy or combining home and auto insurance rates together, you need to know how to keep your current rates from getting higher as well. Here are ways you can keep your auto insurance rates from rising so you are always getting the best deal on your coverage.

Slow down

While certain traffic tickets, such as parking tickets, won't make your car insurance go up, other tickets, such as speeding or driving under the influence, will. What's worse is that even when these tickets fall off your driving record, you will have to wait until the renewal of your auto insurance policy to lower the rates back down again. Slow down and drive safely to keep your rates consistent, and if they have gone up due to a poor driving record, talk to your agent about when your rates will go back down again so you aren't stuck paying higher insurance permanently.

Reevaluate your policy often

Your insurance may not be going up, but if it is staying the exact same as it has been for years, you may be paying more for your coverage than you should be. Reevaluating your policy to see if you can get discounts for reliable payments, lifestyle changes (such as marriage or reaching a certain age), or to go over what you are currently paying for can help you get the best rate for your current needs. You can even save a few dollars on car insurance simply by switching to paperless billing or having automatic payments set up on your account.

Be honest about what you use your car for

You may think you are saving money by saying you only drive your car a certain number of miles a day or that none of your kids ever drive your vehicle, but the opposite may be true. For example, if you use your car as a work vehicle to haul around equipment and get into a wreck, your insurance may deny your claim and raise your rates for failure to report the correct intended use of your car. Always be honest with your representative about what you use your car for and who may be driving it. You'll get the coverage you need and avoid potentially paying entirely out of pocket later.

Talk to your insurance agent to discover the best ways to keep your rates from going up. In having this conversation, you may even find ways to decrease the rates you are currently paying. Contact a business, such as Kesner Insurance Agency Inc, for more information.