How To Proceed After Being In Your First Accident

If you've previously been in a fender bender, you'll often know what you should do if you're in another accident. If you're a new driver or you've simply never had the misfortune of being in an accident, this event can be event more stressful if you don't know the steps that you need to take. The good news is that learning how to proceed isn't complicated. As soon as the accident has occurred, stop your vehicle. Check on your fellow passengers; if anyone appears injured, call 911 right away. Once you've accomplished this task, get out of your vehicle carefully and survey the scene. For minor fender benders, you and the other driver can move off the road; if the accident is more significant, though, you should remain where you are. Here are some other things to do.

Exchange Information With The Other Driver

Getting the other driver's details is important -- and especially critical if the police aren't on their way. Ask the other driver to show you his or her driver's license so you can write down the license number and the driver's name; you'll need to provide your information to the other driver, too. Write down the license plate number of the other vehicle. Try to keep calm when you're conversing with the other driver. Don't accept blame for the accident and don't feel that you have to apologize or explain your perspective.

Seek Out Any Witnesses

If any witnesses have pulled over and approached you, ask for their names and phone numbers; likewise, approach any pedestrians who appear to have seen the accident take place and get their information. Your insurance company might wish to contact them while working on your claim.

Take Photos Of Everything

If you have your smartphone with you, get busy taking photos of anything that you think is relevant, such as the condition of your vehicle and the other vehicle, wide-angle shots of the scene from afar and any other factors that help you document the accident. When you subsequently speak to your insurance provider, having these photos can be handy as a way of illustrating the accident.

Call Your Insurance Agent

You don't have to call your insurance agent from the scene of the accident, but you do need to make this call soon. If you and the other driver have decided to leave the scene after exchanging information, call your insurance agent like one from Martin Insurance Company as soon as you're safely off the road. You'll need to relay as much information as possible about the accident and answer the insurance agent's questions.